Recommended Readings

Greetings Friends! I know your personal time is precious. However, you will find below a list of books that I highly recommend that you take the time to read. As you do, please feel free to share my recommendations with your fellow colleagues, family and friends. +Bishop Gregory V. Palmer

God Unbound by Dr. Elaine Heath. What does it mean to move beyond the boundaries of what we believe? Today Christianity is undergoing a cultural shift just as challenging as the situation confronting Paul and the Galatians. As many churches decline, congregations and pastors feel uncertain and anxious about how to continue their mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Unity in Mission by C. Andrew DoyleA book and study guide to understand how The Episcopal Church, its churches, and congregations and diocese across the Anglican Communion may stay together in the midst of division over same-sex marriage. It includes and updated prefaces from Secretary James A. Baker III. It has been used as primary reading material for leaders engaging processes in over 17 dioceses, and in over 4 Provinces of the Anglican Communion.


Flood Gates: Holy Momentum for a Fearless Church by Sue Nilson Kibbey. When floodgates open, watching the surge of water…hearing the thunderous roar…feeling the ground move—it's like experiencing pure strength and power. Author Sue Nilson Kibbey says our churches can encounter equally powerful spiritual movements if we unlatch our hearts and minds, allowing God’s spirit to pour forth. With this book you’ll learn how to tap leadership strength, make the case for change, effectively grow leaders, and mobilize a congregation. 


40 Days With Wesley by Rueben P. Job. This engaging daily devotional weaves quotes and excerpts from John Wesley, the father of Methodism, with inspirational readings on faith and prayer from Rueben P. Job, well-known leader in spiritual formation. Each selection offers a simple daily pattern of reflection with a prayer, Scripture, and short readings that make this daily devotional an easy read. You’ll also find that this book makes a wonderful gift or award for anyone who needs reassurance and inspiration.


The Very Good Gospel by Lisa Sharon Harper. What can we do to bring shalom to our nations, our communities, and our souls? Through a careful exploration of biblical text, particularly the first three chapters of Genesis, Lisa Sharon Harper shows us what very good can look like today, even after the Fall. Because despite our anxious minds, despite division and threats of violence, God s vision remains: Wholeness for a hurting world. Peace for a fearful soul. Shalom.


A Breath of Fresh Air by Amelia Boomershine. Breath of Fresh Air: Biblical Storytelling with Prisoners challenges the behemoth of mass incarceration through the convergence of biblical storytelling pedagogy, restorative justice principles, and peacemaking circle structure. Circle of the Word is an interactive, creative process of engagement with biblical stories. It is a spiritual intervention that addresses an American criminal justice system that is retributive, discriminatory, and out of control.


Bid Our Jarring Conflicts Cease, A Wesleyan Theology & Praxis of Church Unity by David N. Field. In theological discussions about diversity within Methodist Churches, people usually reference a few standard quotes from John Wesley, particularly his sermon "Catholic Spirit." However, these references are only a part of the greater whole of Wesley's theology and his understanding of the mission of the Methodist movement; and hence as part of the issue of Methodist identity and holiness.