Planning for Laity Sunday?

Laity Sunday has been a Methodist tradition since 1929, it’s a Sunday the laity takes the lead in preparing and providing worship.

Designated for the third Sunday in October themes are provided from the General Board of Discipleship, this year’s theme is “Disciples Called to Action: Engaging Small Groups.”  You can find worship materials at: Laity Sunday Worship Materials

Recently, we talked with Council on Development Board member and former Annual Conference Co-Leader Valarie Willis about how the Laity Sunday theme and Imagine No Malaria might connect. You can read her thoughts here on our Imagine No Malaria website

Valarie reminds us that “the power of the church resides in the laity and it’s through small groups that much gets accomplished.” It’s true too for Imagine No Malaria, engaging programs such as this has to start with prayer.  A prayer team designed to pray for INM for a 4 to 6 week season will go far in helping a church ask the question of God, “Lord, how would you use us to save the lives of children, women and men from death from malaria? What gift would you want us to bring?” added INM Coordinator, Dave Boling.

Valarie’s Laity Sunday resource includes much you can use in your worship planning and can be used in tandem with the many resources found at  If you have questions or need to order our INM tri-fold brochure or INM photo cards contact Dave Boling, Associate Director and INM Coordinator at the Council on Development, dboling [at] or 614-844-6200, ext. 247.