Music is a Bridge that Crosses Cultural Barriers

Over the last few years, Global Community United Methodist Church, located in Columbus, has been intentionally developing relationships with underprivileged communities. These include a large Hispanic community located near the Columbus airport, a Nepalese refugee community located across different apartment complexes in east Columbus, and a Somali refugee community also situated within an apartment complex in east Columbus. DJ Kim serves as the church’s Student Pastor. He shares, “We believe that God has called us specifically to reach the youth of these communities and to raise up young leaders who make a Kingdom impact. Much of our current youth group at Global Community is made up of young men and women from these communities.” 

One ministry that has formed through this commitment to youth is their music ministry. “God has gifted many of the college students at Global with musical ability, and we’ve also found that music is a great bridge to cross cultural barriers. We set out by simply ‘jamming’ with the youth after Sunday service, but this has developed into a discipleship process with our college students continually investing in the youth,” DJ continues.

Every Sunday after worship, college students spend time with the youth, teach them how to play different instruments and instill a heart for worship. They have discovered that as the youth spend time with college students, they not only grow in their musical ability, but they develop a new hope and joy for the future which is found in Jesus Christ.

“Our youth want to pursue new dreams that they never had courage to pursue before. But even more than our youth, our college students involved in this discipleship process have grown. They’ve learned that church is not the ultimate destination and that God has not blessed us for our own benefit. God has sent us to go out and love those he has called us to love and to use the blessings he has given us to be a blessing to others,” DJ added. 

Global Community United Methodist Church is a recipient of the 2016 West Ohio Campus Ministry grant funding available through the generous stewardship of our local church’s apportionment giving. DJ expresses, “Thank you, West Ohio Conference, for your continued support of our campus ministry at Global Community UMC. Your prayers, resources, and encouragement have enabled us to fully pursue the ministry that God has called us to. We are excited to see how God continues to work in our college students and what is in store for the future.”