'Blessing Box' helps Coal Grove community

COAL GROVE, Ohio (WSAZ) -- A large white box now sits outside of Memorial United Methodist Church in Coal Grove, Ohio. Inside the box are items that community members can take if they need them. The box thrives off of donations.

The "Blessing Box" is home to non-perishable items like canned food, toiletries and even clothes.

"Jesus talks about how we welcome those around us that are in need," said Pastor Brad Jenkins. "It is there for anybody who needs it."

On the top of the box it reads, "Take what you need. Leave what you can."

You don't have to ask the church before exploring the box.

"They can feel free to look in the box and see if there's anything in there that they need," Jenkins said.

A family that goes to the church decided to build the box after being inspired by similar ones in the area.

It officially opened on Saturday and, already, Jenkins was thrilled to see the box nearly full.

"Definitely something that we need to be doing more," Jenkins said. "Even as Christians, non-Christians, those that believe in Jesus, those that don't. I think it just makes the world a better place when we are able to extend a helping hand."

Twelve-year-old Zach, who lives on the road, visited the box and took new toothbrushes for his family.

When asked what he liked about the box, he said it was a great thing for the community, especially the homeless.

"There might be homeless people who need stuff and they can come to this and get it," Zach said.

After driving away, we doubled back around to the street and caught a kind gesture -- Zach putting canned food into the box.

We saw another women quickly get out of her car, drop off items and drive away.

Jenkins said he feels this exchange of kindness is especially important in a community struggling with drug addiction and job loss.

"We just feel called as a community here, as a church, to extend a helping hand to those in whatever way possible," Jenkins said. "Maybe it's just for a little thing that they may need in that moment, but as the Bible calls us to do, we need to do it unto those that need it the most."

story from WSAZ NewsChannel 3