Bishop Palmer calls the church to prayer


You have heard me say this before. Today is no different. We are all children of God. Period. Hard stop.

On this day, some of our church family are rejoicing, while others are mourning. Emotions are running high regarding the recent decisions of the Judicial Council. It remains a difficult time for our church family. As your bishop, I will work very carefully with other leaders in the church to interpret faithfully, and I pray missionally, how we will continue to move forward in the work of the church.

Join me in continuing prayer for Bishop Oliveto, her family, the Judicial Council, the Council of Bishops and for our entire United Methodist Church. As you know, I am a member of the Commission on a Way Forward. I covet your prayers as this 32-member commission continues our important work.  This work will be presented to a Special Session of the General Conference on February 23-26, 2019, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Finally, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide not only our actions toward one another but our words -- spoken and even those shared through social media-- remembering that we are all children of God. I know I am not alone in trusting that God will lead us to the future God intends. My prayer is that we will cooperate with the power of the Holy Spirit, and every day and every hour claim the promise of being more missional in everything we say and everything we do.


Your servant in Christ,

+Gregory V. Palmer


I offer this prayer to you for your personal or corporate prayer time.

“O God, you are full of grace, mercy and compassion. We pray that you would help us to be as you are. In all of our struggles, be faithful to the gospel, deliver us from the blindness that comes with pride, arrogance and self-righteousness. Where we are in deep pain, comfort us. Where we need your guidance, lead us. As we seek your preferred future for the church, give us the gift of wisdom and a “heart of peace.” Always, we pray that you would assure us that we are not alone. We pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN”