Mission & Justice

Pray for courageous and prophetic leaders who are willing to include those who are marginalized and often invisible as full partners in ministry (such as: people with disabilities—a very low percentage participate in a faith community; people who are poor; people struggling with addictions; people with a criminal background; etc)

Pray against the power of fear that seeks to divide.

Pray for more congregations to intentionally partner  with our mission partners in Mexico; Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam; Congo and Russia.

Pray for Connecting Corners and our Empowering Global Relationships event this July. Two young adults from each of our partner countries will be coming to West Ohio.  Please also pray specifically that each of the young adults selected by their bishop will successfully secure a visa from the US Embassy.
Pray for the congregations across West Ohio who will be hosting Freedom Schools where at-risk children experience value, respect and learn what it means to love reading.
Pray for the power of the Spirit to transform the hearts and lives of all God’s people to be on mission to change the world.
Please pray for the staff of Connectional Ministries:
  • for their growing discipleship with Jesus
  • for their family relationships
  • for their health
  • for their effectiveness in serving the people and churches of the WOC “To make and equip disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”