Key Elements of Young Justice Advocates

  • Welcoming Environment: YJA participants are welcomed into a community of trust, mutual respect, and graciousness. All young adults are welcomed where they are, for who they are.
  • Invitation to Question: Young adults are encouraged to ask questions of their faith, their world, and the church for the benefit of strengthening their belief and solidifying their place in the community of God.
  • Worship Centric: Theological and scriptural conversations are woven into every aspect of Justice Immersion Weekends as well as both preparatory and follow-up gatherings. Worship exploration is encouraged as well.
  • Empowering Voice: Young adults are invited to claim their voice as they learn about how justice and advocacy are part of faith. Young adults are encouraged to speak up and speak out in conversations during Justice Immersion Weekends and afterward.
  • Advocacy Training: Young adults learn how to begin ministry WITH and eventually BY marginalized groups in their communities. They learn to identify injustice, claim their voice in creating change, and practice ways to make real improvements in their communities.