How to Be the Movement

  • Contact the Conference YJA Coordinator to see if a YJA movement has already begun near you.
  • Build Your Team: Youth pastors, lead pastors, and laity decide to create positive space for youth to lead their congregation and community in justice and advocacy work. Check out the YJA Organizational Chart (below) to learn more about building your team!
  • Get the support of your senior pastor(s)
  • Identify adult leaders who will serve as mentors and “door-openers” for the youth
  • Identify mature middle or high school students to participate in a justice immersion weekend
  • Connect with Other Local Churches: A cluster of churches in a local area will connect to plan, organize, and lead Justice Immersion weekends, participate in Community Organizing Training, and other activities and events.
  • Invite Others to be the movement: Leader Youth and adult mentors are encouraged to invite more adult mentors and mature youth into the movement. Constant ripples of new folks in the movement breathes life and new ideas into how we can best preserve and grow justice in our congregations and communities. 


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