Global Ministries Volunteer Opportunities

The North Central Jurisdiction and Global Ministries offer the following specialized opportunities for volunteers:

Health Care Volunteers
We use our knowledge and skills to serve others who might not otherwise have access to medical care. We invite and enable health care professionals to nurture and witness their Christian faith through healing ministries, providing health care to those who are suffering and in need.

Individual Volunteer Program
Embark on a spiritual journey with new experiences every day! Serve in approved locations around the world for two months or more where the host community has requested a volunteer. Experiences are as varied as the places where volunteers serve.

This program offers persons with recreational vehicles the opportunity to share their time and skills in Christian service at mission agencies, camps, churches, and in disaster response. NOMADS enjoy fellowship with other Christians while traveling with a purpose.

North Central Jurisdiction teachUM
teachUM was initiated by North Central Jurisdiction UMVIM to provide mission service opportunities for those in educational professions. Needed all over the globe, teachers show how Christ is part of their lives. Examples of teachUM teams are Vacation Bible Schools, camp counseling for underprivileged children, and teaching English as a second language.

Primetimers offers educational and mission service experience for older adults. Exciting 5-10 day events offer opportunities for educational forums, cross-cultural exposure, faith-filled reflection, and greater exposure to the work of the United Methodist Church and the church universal.

Ubuntu eXplorer Journeys
Through partnership with Mission Volunteers and the Women’s Division, United Methodist Women from the US are hosted by women’s organizations in other countries. The program allows Christian sisters to understand and share together the daily joys, struggles, culture, challenges, and opportunities of women.

Young Adult Missionaries
Young adults ages 20-30 can participate in the US-2 program, a two-year U.S.-based missionary assignment working with poor and marginalized communities; the Mission Intern program, a three-year assignment split between international and U.S. placements; or the Global Justice Volunteer program, a 10-week experience working in local ministry around the world. To read reflections from current Young Adult Missionaries, click here.