Faith Engine Ministry

Nearly 88% of the Cambodian people reside in rural areas, where education, vocational training and basic infrastructure virtually do not exist. Almost everyone lives in poverty, lacking adequate nutrition and basic care. Those who migrate to the city to make a better life for themselves have no guarantee they will improve their circumstances. Beginning in 2002, United Methodist missionary E. Barte developed Faith Engine Ministry. This ministry trains students in vehicle repair and maintenance, driving, and even supplies them with their own basic tools. Courses are short, taking only fourteen weeks, but they equip participants for the long term. Nearly 150 youth have gone through the training in the years since it began. Half have been able to secure employment. Faith Engine Ministry gives practical and vocational lessons to people on the margins, city youth and rural migrants who would otherwise have no community or support. The program costs $350 per student, and makes it possible for at-risk people to succeed and thrive in Cambodia’s ever-changing culture and economy.