Connectional Ministries

The purpose of Connectional Ministries in West Ohio is to invite and equip leaders and churches to align passion and resources for the transformation of lives, communities and the world.

2008 Book of Discipline, ¶ 608

Connectional Ministries is responsible to focus and guide the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church within its boundaries by:

  1. Envisioning the ministries necessary to live out the mission of the church in and through the annual conference
  2. Creating and nurturing relationships and connections among the local, district, annual conference and general church ministries
  3. Providing encouragement, coordination and support for the ministries of nurture, outreach and witness in districts and congregations for the transformation of the world
  4. Ensuring the alignment of the total resources of the annual conference to its mission
  5. Developing and strengthening ethnic ministries, including ethnic local churches and concerns
  6. Providing for advocacy and monitoring functions to ensure that the church is consistent with its stated values

The Connectional Ministries Executive Team is a coordinating team of conference staff and leadership team leaders, comprised of both clergy and laity from across the conference.

View the team pages for each of the following areas:

Pray for our congregations who reflect the demographics of their communities & neighborhoods.

Celebrate the many miracles that unfold in our midst and through our congregations!
Pray that by working together, leaders across our conference will shape and form more Jesus people willing to engage their neighbors, change the world and reflect the Kingdom of God.
Pray that The Culture of Call will integrate into the life of the ministries throughout West Ohio.
Pray for the Holy Spirit’s breakthrough to renew and revive our churches.
Pray for wisdom and discernment as the West Ohio Conference makes “New Places for New People”
a priority, to make disciples of the least and the lost.
Please pray for the staff of Connectional Ministries:
  • for their growing discipleship with Jesus
  • for their family relationships
  • for their health
  • for their effectiveness in serving the people and churches of the WOC “To make and equip disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”