Community Partners

All In Community (AIC) partners work geographically with local churches in forming relationships with currently incarcerated persons.  Our community partners provide a bridge to the state correctional system and assist in the navigation of rules, processes and procedures. They also provide relationships with area reentry practitioners, ODRC professionals, coaching, and mentor training that will help your church build and sustain supportive, life-changing relationships with inmates, returning citizens, and their families. Currently, West Ohio is partnering with the following organizations to build an effective reentry network of support:

Kindway (EMBARK) is an innovative offender reentry program that works with men and women returning to Central Ohio. Incarcerated participants receive guidance and support as they navigate their journey from incarceration to independence. Kindway also supports the AIC initiative by: (1)  recommending inmates to be matched in the “30 For 30” grant program; (2) providing their Navigator training for church mentors; and (3) facilitating large scale immersion events to provide fellowship between matched congregations and inmates.

Horizon Prison Initiative is a multi-faith prison ministry located in three Ohio prisons. This ministry helps transform prisons and communities through transformed inmates. Horizon is training center and host for immersion experiences related to prison ministry and reentry for WOC churches. Horizon also is an active partner in the “30 For 30”grant by recommending inmates to be matched with churches. 

Prison Fellowship trains and inspires churches and communities inside and outside of prison to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. Their mission is to equip leaders, volunteers, and inmates to make prisons more rehabilitative places. WOC partners with Prison Fellowship to provide reentry mentor training for AIC congregations.

AIC is constantly looking for more community partners who are helping returning citizens become restored citizens. If your church is currently in ministry with an organization you feel would make a good AIC community partner, contact the AIC Consultant, Reba Collins at allincommunity [at]