Cambodia Orphanages

Children in Cambodia are vulnerable to economic and criminal forces. Child trafficking has become common enough to be run by a vast underground organization. Poverty is so widespread parents sell their own children. Boys are sold into construction work and girls into prostitution. Exploitation, abuse and neglect define the lives of hidden numbers of youth, who have no way to defend themselves from troubling realities. Supported by the Methodist Mission in Cambodia, this orphanage houses and cares for at-risk children. Without this orphanage, these children would be left to the streets. Here, they receive adult supervision, food, education, and a safe place to stay. The children share modest rooms to sleep in, girls in one building and boys in another. They receive nutritious meals, which they share together as a community. In addition to regular classes, they learn music and traditional cultural dance. Saved from a life of forced labor or worse, these young Cambodians have the opportunity to make their own way. They take great pride in their heritage, and light up at the chance to show what they can do. For total expenses of $1,000 a month, the orphanage gives them all the freedom to live.