Cambodia Education

For many Cambodians, childhood does not bring carefree days. Raised in a culture of poverty, children enter the economy at early ages. Some sell trinkets late into the night, while others pick through garbage with their families. Education could be a way for people to break these cycles of poverty; but in a land dominated by the day-to-day fight to survive, where decent schooling is private and expensive, parents often decide to put their children to work instead of through school. To alter this cycle, the Methodist Mission in Cambodia supports multiple educational ministries, including…

  • The Light at the Dumpsite School, which stands just on the edge of a trash heap. Supported by the Women’s Division of The United Methodist Church, the school teaches English, sewing and other practical trades.
  • The Methodist Cambodia School, which teaches traditional curriculum, as well as survival skills like how to recognize danger signs of child trafficking.
  • A Methodist seminary for women and men intending to serve the church and the world as clergy, which offers housing, meals, courses, and chapel worship.