Bishop's Schedule

The Bishop's schedule as displayed is not comprehensive. Every meeting in which the Bishop is involved is not listed. Some days are blocked out for study and preparation, sabbath and travel and may not appear on this schedule. The Bishop seeks to respond to invitations that advance the mission of The United Methodist Church and reflect the mission and diversity of the Annual Conference.

If you wish to invite the Bishop to preach/teach at your church or event, his preference is to receive your invitation on your church letterhead. It may be attached to an email addressed to Karen Corbitt, Executive Secretary to the Bishop, at kcorbitt [at] Invitations that come via text message will not be considered.

Please know that Bishop Palmer typically does not make a decision on a particular date sooner than six months ahead of the requested date. If a decision can be made sooner, we will be certain to let you know. If you have any questions or need other information, you are welcome to contact Karen by email or by phone at either 614.844.6200 extension 215 or toll free at 1.800.437.0028 extension 215.

Check back periodically to note changes and to keep Bishop Palmer and his ministry among us in your prayers

June Time Event
25   Linworth UMC, Capitol Area North District
28 -July 5   Vacation
July Time Event
4 Office Closed Independence Day
6   Mission u - Ohio Northern University
7-8   UMM - Indianapolis
10 11:00 am Conference Center Staff
16   Ministerial Recruitment Institute  
17-18   Council of Bishops Executive Committee- Chicago
19-21   Commission on A Way Forward  - Chicago
28-29   WOC Candidacy Summit - MTSO
August Time Event
1-20   Vacation
27 - September 3   Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters/Africa Comprehensive Plan 
September Time Event
4 Office Closed Labor Day
6-8   Cabinet
11 11:00 am Conference Center Staff
13 Noon - 3:00 pm    WOC Episcopacy Committee
17 & 18   NCJ Bishops Learning Cohort - Worthington
18-20   NCJ College of Bishops - Worthington
18-20   Commission on A Way Forward - Berlin
21 & 22   Cabinet
22 Noon - 1:30 pm Breakthrough Luncheon
27-29   Black Clergy Retreat
October Time Event
2-4   UMC/Episcopal Dialogue - DC
11 & 12   Cabinet
23-25   UMPH Board - Nashville
27   Legal Forum - Ohio Wesleyan
28   WOC UMW Annual Meeting - Xenia Faith UMC
30 - November 1   Commission on A Way Forward - Nashville
November Time Event
4-10   Council of Bishops - Lake Junaluska
11 9:30 am Episcopal Diocese - Cleveland
14 9:30 am All Conference Boards Day
15 9:30 am Clergy Day Apart
16 & 17   Cabinet
19 10:00 am Bethel International UMC, Capitol Area North District
20 11:30 am Conference Center Staff Thanksgiving Celebration
20 3:00 pm OhioHealth Faith, Culture and Community Benefit Comm
23 Office Closed Thanksgiving
24 Office Closed  
28 10:00 am Shawnee Valley District Clergy
December Time Event
4 11:00 am Conference Center Staff
6-8   Cabinet
11-13   NCJ Learning Group
15   Conference Center Staff Christmas Celebration
25 Office Closed Christmas
26 Office Closed Christmas