30 for 30


What if our relationships formed inside were the start to incarnational relationships on the outside?

The 30-For-30 Pilot Program is a church-specific approach that pairs your people’s calling with a person returning to your community and a faith-based local 30-For-30 Reentry Community Partner. Together, this can create a culture of inclusivity and support where incarnational relationships can flourish within your congregation and your community.

While 30-For-30 Pilot Churches are supported through AIC grants (up to $4,000), training, and district collaboration, 30-For-30 Reentry Community Partners facilitate the relational connection between your church and a returning brother or sister from pre- to post-release. As your congregation provides the necessary relational support, your Community Partner facilitates the returning neighbor’ss re-establishment process including case management, reentry plan development, job readiness/placement, and substance abuse recovery.



The 30-For-30 Pilot Program’s primary focus is to foster incarnational relationships within your church’s ministry with people affected by the criminal justice system. Any congregation that is in relationship with returning citizens can engage in AIC training and district collaboration efforts. Many congregations, though, are eligible for the 30-For-30 Grant. To qualify, your congregation must have the following basic elements in place:

  • 5-7 people called to prison/reentry ministry who are willing to lead a 30-For-30 ministry team
  • 2-3 people (may be part of the 30-For-30 ministry team) willing to serve as “reentry mentors” for a returning citizen through a 30-For-30 Reentry Community Partner
  • Congregational desire to develop a welcoming and inclusive culture both inside and outside the church


As a 30-For-30 Pilot Church, the WOC covenants with your ministry team to work together to fulfill the rest of the grant requirements through:

  1. Training opportunities including Healing Communities and Community Organizing
  2. A demographic study and asset mapping of your community
  3. A congregational cultural competency assessment and development


30-For-30 teams also work to equip themselves to help their congregation become Stations of Hope by:

  1. Participating in any and all training required by their reentry Community Partner
  2. Facilitating in community conversations or events around the issues of reentry over an 18-month period
  3. Performing qualitative and quantitative effectiveness surveys with returning citizen, church members, and community members.



Contact the AIC Consultant, Reba Collins, at rebakco [at]