2016 Next Generations Leadership Interns

Hello West Ohio!

My name is Dominic Mejia, and I have the privilege of serving as the Recruiter and Coordinator of the Next Generations Leadership (NGL) Summer Intern Program. This internship is designed to help undergraduate students who are considering a call to ordained ministry discern this call in  a local church setting. 

It's my pleasure to introduce you to this year's NGL interns! We have four students who are placed in local churches for the summer. I am equally excited to announce that four students from Juan Wesley Seminary in Monterrey, Mexico will be spending time serving in churches across the West Ohio Conference. This is made possible by our partnership with the Oriental Conference, and Bishop Fuentes and Bishop Palmer of both conferences are enthusiastic about this ministry opportunity. This provides a unique context for the college students and seminarians to be in interaction with each other and the international church commmunity. These young adults will be engaged in the process of discernment in relationship with one another throughout the summer. 

The NGL interns will begin their placements on May 15, and will serve in their placements until August 7. The seminarians will be in their placements from July 3 until August 13. NGL Interns will be introduced from the stage at Annual Conference. 

If you have any questions regarding these ministries, do not hesitate to reach out to me at dmejia [at] The students serving in West Ohio this year are:


Hilda Yarely De la Cerda Peña
My expectations of this trip are to learn and grow in the gifts and talents God has placed in me, and that by being in and living with another culture I can learn the ways they serve God, see how they work with children, youth and the church in general, in addition to learning from them and having experiences that I can live. My desire is to serve, and may God use my life to be a blessing in that place. 

                    Hilda will be serving at New Albany United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Frank Luchsinger


Kelley Lewis

Hello! My name is Kelley Lewis and I am going into my junior year at Ohio Northern University where I study Language Arts Education and Creative Writing. My home church is Bellefontaine First United Methodist Church in Bellefontaine, OH and I am so excited to say that I will be an intern at Central Ave. United Methodist Church in Athens, OH this summer! I am really excited to learn what God wants to do in my life. I am excited to be able to grow and become a leader in a church, and also discern where my place is in God's Plan.  I can't wait to see what this summer has in store!

Kelley will be serving at Central Ave. United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Paul Risler


Caleb Reséndiz Padilla

Like my friends I am very excited and have great expectations of this trip, wanting to experience new ways to serve our Lord and God Jesus Christ in the time there. I have expectations to see up close how the work of the pastors in the West Ohio Conference is done, and to do what I learned on our return to Mexico. I would also like to see and work in small groups that you have in churches like Bible studies, prayer meetings, Sunday school, etc. Also I want to share the wonders that God has done and is doing in the church of Mexico and in my life. I want to meet another culture and meet new people, hoping to make friends. All doing it in service and love to you all and to our God.

Brothers and fellow servants of the West Ohio Conference thank you very much for this invitation, we are excited and expectant, praying for you all and for this trip, hoping it will be a great blessing for all of us, thanking you once again for this opportunity that you give it to us that go meet and work in your churches.

 "And the Lord of peace gives you peace at all time and in every way".

Caleb will be serving at Belmont United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Randy Coleman


Megan Myers

Hello! My name is Megan Myers and I will be a junior at Ohio University this fall. My major is in Communication Studies and my minor is in World Religions. I am from Athens, OH and my home church is Central Avenue. I am also very active in my university’s chapter of the Kappa Phi club. This summer I have the honor and privilege of interning at Trinity UMC in Lima. I am looking forward to spending time learning how the church works. This summer is a time for me to intentionally reflect, pray, and think about how God is moving in my life and what he calls me to. I believe he is calling me to help serve the people that do not always get invited to the table. This summer will be an opportunity for me to explore my calling and though I am a little nervous, I am also very excited to listen to God’s challenge for me. 

Megan will be serving at Lima Trinity United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Megan Croy


Hiram Daniel Cárdenas Méndez

In this trip in which I am involved gives me great joy and enthusiasm to go to the United States as part of this group of students; in this trip would like to learn more about the work done in American conferences, I would like to serve with the gifts and ministries that God has entrusted to me and so in jointly help the community of that place and know the ministry of the local church and how it works. I am disposed to do anything you tell me and do it with the love and passion that the Lord has placed in me. In this way I hope to grow more in spiritual and ministerial ways to serve God. I hope that my gifts polish to provide excellent service to the Lord, who is the one who calls me.

Hiram will be serving at Middletown First United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. John Wagner


Lindsey Seiberling

Hi, my name is Lindsey Seiberling and I am graduating from Lindsey Wilson College in 2018 with degrees in Christian Ministries and Sustainability.  This summer I am serving at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Cincinnati.  I am very excited to learn all I can this summer. I cannot wait to see what this experience holds.

Lindsey will be serving at Cornerstone United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Dr. Brian Law



Juan Carlos López Castillo

During our upcoming trip to Ohio, I am hoping to get to know the Lord even better than I do now. I truly believe that his scriptures are not merely words on paper but rather revelation of God that we have to put into practice. I expect to serve, work, and on every aspect of my life so what I can to live his gospel. I am also excited for the opportunity to get to know our brothers and sisters who are working in these areas and to share some amazing experiences with them. I hope to gain a better understanding of this ministry in America, and I can't wait to see how this church and its congregation live their Christian lives.

Juan will be serving at Global Community United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Daniel Kim


William Summers

Hey. My name is William Summers and I am currently a student at Ashland University in Ashland, OH.  I have just finished my freshman year and I am studying Religion with a minor in Ethics. I pledged and became a brother of the Phi Kappa Psi and was able to chair the Philanthropy committee my second semester at school. I am from Westerville, OH and I am a member at Church of the Messiah United Methodist.  I will be serving at Epiphany UMC this summer and I could not be more excited.  I look forward to seeing how God reveals and illuminates my call as I grow in faith this summer. 

William will be serving at Epiphany United Methodist Church, mentored by Rev. Dan Metzger