Registration - 2017 Annual Conference

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Registration for annual conference began March 1
Read the FAQ's below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Am I required to register for annual conference? Yes, you are required to register if you are clergy or if you are a lay member of the annual conference. Non-member spouses and guests do not need to register in advance, but instead may check-in once they arrive at Lakeside Chautauqua.

  2. What will I need when registering online for the 2017 Annual Conference? You will need a login account to access our secure registration site.

  3. What if I’m not sure if I have a login account? Please do not create a new account but rather contact your district office for assistance by going to this link:

  4. What if I do not know or remember my username or password? You retrieve your password online by clicking this link

  5. I have a login account and know my username and password so how do I register? You can register by clicking here.

  6. Is my registraton confirmation that I am the appropriate lay person representing my church? No. You must check with your district office to make sure you are correctly listed as they lay member to annual conference for your church.

Options for securing overnight accommodations during annual conference

Request Onsite Housing:  Once you complete registration you will be given a chance to request on-site overnight accommodations at one of the following locations:

To make a request for the options above housing you must be a Member of the Annual Conference. Members must make reservations through online registration. You must be age 21 or older to request housing. Lakeside will not accept reservations directly by phone or on their online reservation system. 

On-site Cottage Rentals: There are 2 cottage rental merchants that provide rentals during annual conference. Our conference is not associated with any of these rental agencies or merchants. For more information click here.

Off-site Rentals: Our conference has compiled a list of acclamations from the AAA Tour Guide, the Travel Planner for Lake Erie Shores & Hotels, and several other internet resources. Our conference is not associated with any merchants on this list. To download the list click here.

Note: Our conference will not provide recommendations for any on-site cottage rentals or off-site rentals (hotels, motels, campgrounds, etc.). The information provided is to list options for those who are unable to secure accommodations through our online registration process.

Contact Tim McCoy at tmccoy [at] (subject: Housing%20Questions)  with any questions.