New to Annual Conference?

If you are a new member to annual conference or a returning member who wants to learn more please click a link below:


  • tmccoy [at] (Tim McCoy) - General questions, housing requests, event requests, agenda requests
  • kpanovec [at] (Kay Panovec) - Communications, live streaming
  • jfrost [at] (Jack Frost) or jperry [at] (Joy Perry) - Check-in, name tags
  • amyaspey.newlifeumc [at] (Amy Aspey) - Rules, recommendations, requests to be excused
  • kcorbitt [at] (Karen Corbitt) - Bishop Palmer's schedule

Advance information about annual conference will be mailed/emailed to all members in the months and weeks leading up to the June session. If you are not receiving event information from West Ohio about this year's session, please be sure your record is properly marked as a lay member of annual conference by contacting your district office

Detailed Map of Lakeside Chautauqua